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Titans Fall to Bills due to Second Half Slump

By Ashley Braun, sports correspondent

The Mid-South Tribune

and the

Black Information Highway

NASHVILLE, TN, Oct. 11, 2015 - Much like their last home game against Indianapolis, Sunday's game against the Buffalo Bills didn't end quite how Titans' fans would have hoped. It started, however, with an opening kickoff that offered a bit of foreshadowing for the rest of the game.

 Bishop Sankey muffed the catch and the ball was recovered by the Bills. Seconds into the play, yellow penalty flags flew from multiple directions and the play was overturned due to a Buffalo player being offside. With half the city of Buffalo filling Nissan Stadium and watching a game that had 16 penalties total, the penalty flags quickly became the 12th man of the game.

Although both teams were scoreless in the first quarter, but there was a penalty on every drive but one. Buffalo ended the quarter with 3 penalties totaling a loss of 24 yards and Tennessee ended the quarter with 3 penalties for a total loss of 25 yards.

The second quarter looked as though it would pick up speed. The Titans scored a 21-yard field goal on the first drive, carried over from the end of the first, and took a 3-0 lead. That scoring drive would be the only one putting points on the board until the middle of the third quarter. 

The Titans took back possession after recovering a punt fumbled by Buffalo's Denarius Moore.  Mariota connected with Sankey for a gain of 3 yards and then scrambled for another 3. He then connected with Harry Douglas for a gain of 11 yards.  Antonio Andrews ran the ball for another 5 yards before Mariota connected with Delanie Walker for 16 more yards. Andrews then burrowed up the middle for a 1-yard touchdown.

Buffalo followed suit on the next drive. With 9 plays resulting in 80 yards, the Bills were able to make it the end zone for a 22-yard touchdown by quarterback Tyrod Taylor. The Bills' quarterback would end the game with 9 rushing attempts for a total of 76 yards. Mariota also ran quite a bit for the Titans, ending the game with 47 rushing yards.

The Titans would pick up another field goal early in the fourth quarter, extending their lead to 13-7. Unfortunately, it wouldn't last long.  A 24-yard scramble by Taylor followed by a questionable horse collar penalty against Tennessee put the Bills in field goal position. A deep pass from Taylor to Chris Hogan resulted in a 46-yard gain and set the Bills up for a 2-yard touchdown.

The first pass on the Titans' last possession of the game resulted in an interception and with no timeouts left, the Bills were able to let the clock run out. The unfortunate loss put the Titans at 1-3 heading into next week's game against the Miami Dolphins who are also 1-3.

Game Notes:
Mariota completed 21 of 32 passes and ended the game with no touchdowns thrown and one interception.

The Titans only allowed the Bills to gain 209 yards, the fewest since facing the Steelers in 2010.

Titans' kicker Ryan Succop played in his 100th game.

Derrick Morgan sacked Taylor to bring his sack count to a team high of 4.5 for the season.

Jason McCourty was back in the lineup after missing the first three home games of the season with a groin injury.







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